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FONT-Z is established in 2008 in Bangalore under the entrepreneurship of CAPT. K.S HARI. Hailing from a family of mariners from the southern part of India, he established this gallery and is concerned in the promotion and recognition of forthcoming and budding artists from all over the world. 
Capt. K.S HARI , the founder Chairman of the font-z is a veteran Master Mariner who have world wide experience ,he traveled all around the world keeping a horizon of art in his mind FONT-Z has emerged from the depths of his desire for art and art works. Capt. Hari was successful to identify the gold-fingered artist from all over India and abroad, FONT-Z consist of a group of sailors round globe who collect the best arts and provide a way for the collector to get the art at a very affordable price

Art is developing at is enormous speed. To direct its energy towards the right path is the chief concern off FONT-Z. Now FONT-Z is a trading house for world art, Indian old, modern & contemporary art. The Gallery is actively involved in promoting upcoming artists. The FONT-Z hopes to bring to you the best in world arts and contemporary Indian art. We have an extensive collection of art works from all over the world .Our aim is to give people round the globe easy access to world arts and the contemporary Indian art at affordable costs and holds good value for money for the collectors as well as provides an adequate reward for the artistsí creative talent.

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