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Indira Gandhi Road, Kozhikode - 673004 Kerala, India

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The vision 'affordable, accessible and quality healthcare for all', a dream of visionary, Dr. K G Alexander was made a reality in 1987 with the commencement of Baby Memorial Hospital (BMH). The novel initiative then marked a revolution in the healthcare segment in Kerala, thus symbolizing an answer for the growing healthcare demands of the state. A tribute to late K C Varghese (known as 'Baby'), father of Dr. K G Alexander, the Chairman and Chief Physician, the hospital has set a benchmark in offering unprecedented care.

With only 52 beds when started, the hospital now boasts world‐class amenities, which includes:

800 beds.
Over 40 Medical and Surgical departments.
Exceptional paramedical support system.
16 world-class operation theatres.
13 fully equipped ultramodern ICUs comprising 150 critical care beds.
24‐hours accident and trauma care unit.

Adhering to strict and ethical medical practices, the hospital team ‐ which expands to 300 doctors and over 2000 nursing, paramedical and administrative staff – relentlessly strive to keep up our ideology, ' more than care '.

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