Chittoor Retreat Centre (Snehasusrushalayam)

South Chittoor P.O,Kochi,Ernakulam - 682027

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About Chittoor Retreat Centre (Snehasusrushalayam)

Chittoor Retreat Centre started in the 90ís as a laymen effort in the Charismatic Movement of Kerala. An Intercessionary prayer group Which assembles once a month put in the money to buy a piece of land in Chittoor, the First liquour free village in Kerala. There in a small thatched shed a prayer service started. It was all in consultation with Rev.Fr. Mathew Naikamparambil V.C. Mostly the lay preachers of Divine Retreat Centre held the talk and Br.K.J Joseph conducted the programmes on Saturdays. Br.P.P. George and Mrs.Gracy George were always there managing the whole thing as the President and Treasurer of the registered Society. Soon the attendance for the Saturday prayers increased manifold. The 11,000Sq.Ft. Hall was ready and got inagurated by Mr.Babu Paul I.A.S. , the Cultural Secretary. By the time the Society realized that the Centre is growing beyond their capacity and The Arch-Diocese of Enakulam Graciously took over and nurtured it to grow under its priestly care. From then it has developed into a self sustaining institution, capable of accomodating upto a thousand people who seek divine solace by attending its famous five days Inner Healing Retreat and Fridayís Fasting Prayer.

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